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Boardwalk® Hot Cup Lids

Sturdy hot cup lids lock tightly to prevent spills on the go. Designed to fit Boardwalk® Convenience Pack Paper Hot Cups, as well as other Boardwalk® Paper Hot Cups.
From $116.12

Cappuccino Dome Sipper Lids, Fits 12 oz to 24 oz Cups, White, 1,000/Carton


Cappuccino Dome Sipper Lids, Fits 8 oz to 10 oz Cups, White, 1,000/Carton

$146.71 $132.91

Dart® Cappuccino Dome Sipper Lids

Dome design is perfect for frothy hot drinks such as cappuccino and chai. Sipper cut enables heat-retaining, lid-on enjoyment. When used with companion Dart® cups, lid fits snuggly and securely.
From $132.91

Dart® Lift Back & Lock Tab Cup Lids For Trophy® Insulated Thin-Wall Foam Hot/Cold Cups

Convenient lid features a scored tab to push back and lock into place.
From $13.26

Dart® Lift n' Lock Plastic Hot Cup Lids

Economical, high-quality hot cup lids. Lift n' Lock feature. Vented.
From $51.68

Dart® Optima® Reclosable Lids for Foam Hot Cups

Unique, contemporary, near-dome design helps you make a great impression with patrons. Optima® reclosable tab allows heat-retaining, lid-on sipping. Finger-tip-sized lock-down point.
From $34.10

Dart® Plastic Lids for Cups

Universal design allows you to accommodate a wide range of hot and cold foam cups.
From $65.96

Dart® Sip Thru® Lids

Vented to allow steam to escape. Reduces dribbles and spills. Open sip-through design.
From $103.40

Dart® Traveler® Cappuccino Style Dome Lid

Lid-up Dart® cups fit tightly with Traveler® drink-thru lids. Secure-fit long-sleeve, dome design features a convenient sipper-slot for on-the-go enjoyment. Unique inner-catch ring keeps the lid from popping-off if the cup should bend or flex.
From $156.91

Dart® Traveler® Dome Hot Cup Lid

Allows extra space for froth or whipped cream for gourmet hot beverages. The inner ring reduces pop-off incidents, providing a more secure lid fit and reducing dribble at the rim and cup seam.
From $285.51

Dart® Vented Paper Finger-Pull Lids

Waxed, grease-resistant paper lids are a perfect match for food cups and buckets. Finger-pull tab simplifies removal. Vents allow steam to escape minimizing the potential for condensation-related contamination.
From $407.94