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Kensington® Portable Combination Laptop Lock

Trust the industry standard to protect your laptop and the information that's on it. The Kensington® Portable Combination Laptop Lock offers one-handed engagement, as T-Bar™ technology easily attaches to the Kensington® Security Slot found on most laptops. The four-wheel number code can be set to any of 10,000 possible combinations and is resettable. The self-coiling cable stretches up to 6 feet.
From $34.70

Lenovo Kensington MicroSaver Security cable lock Black 70.9" (1.8 m)

Lenovo Kensington MicroSaver Security Cable Lock. Product color: Black, Lock type: Round key, Cable lock security features: T-Bar. Cable length: 70.9" (1.8 m), Cable diameter: 0.217" (5.5 mm)

Master Lock® 4-Pin Tumbler Lock

A tough and durable steel lock to help prevent theft and increase security. The laminated steel body provides superior strength, while the 4-pin cylinder helps prevent picking. Rust proofing ensures a longer life, especially with outdoor use.
From $9.26

Master Lock® Combination Lock

Three-number dialing and 1,500 combinations for maximum security. Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Black dial.
From $9.91

Master Lock® ProSeries Stainless Steel Easy-to-Set Combination Lock

Stainless steel body and shackle to protect in harsh environments. Up to 10,000 easy-to-set combinations. Large ergonomic dials permit operation with gloves, in low light or complete darkness. Locks have shackle seals and dust covers to protect internal mechanisms from dust and grit.
From $41.23

Master Lock® Resettable Combination Padlock

Durability and simplicity are the dominating characteristics in the design of this padlock. The brass with hardened steel shackle ensures a tough, durable lock. The resettable combination allows up to 10,000 possible settings. For convenience, simply use the change key to quickly reset the password and pass the lock onto another user.
From $26.03

Master Lock® Twin Brass 3-Pin Tumbler Lock

Promote a high level of theft deterrence by using a strong and durable lock. The standard steel shackle and solid brass lock body provide both a stable, yet stylish lock. The 3-pin tumbler ensures security. Keys match both locks. Pack of two.
From $7.98

Targus DEFCON SCL (Serialized ) cable lock 82.7" (2.1 m)

Targus DEFCON SCL (Serialized Cable Lock). Cable length: 82.7" (2.1 m), Weight: 6.21 oz (176 g)
$949.75 $935.42