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Mailroom Markers

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Sharpie® Twin-Tip Permanent Marker

Featuring two different tip types for creative versatility, these markers ignite courageous self-expression. Bold to the max and permanent to the core, these markers inspire you to transform ordinary surfaces into passionately creative statements. Made to write practically everywhere, vivid markers eliminate dull and boring. Iconic ink dries quickly and resists both water and fading. While pale imitations wither away, these markers make creations that endure.
From $24.40

Sharpie® Ultra Fine Tip Permanent Marker

Create colorful, detailed expressions. These permanent markers are ideal for making lasting marks that stand out on nearly any surface. Featuring an ultra-fine point, the markers allow you to draw crisp, enduring lines. The quick-drying ink is both smear- and fade-resistant. These permanent markers come in a wide range of energetic shades.
From $11.08