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BioOdor Digester, Eucalyptus Scent, 32 oz Spray Bottle, 12/Carton

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Dymon® LIQUID ALIVE® Odor Digester

Eradicate nasty smells. Unique, industrial-strength formula contains enzyme-producing bacteria that digest malodors caused by dampness, mildew, mold, food, urine, vomit, fecal and organic matter. Great for use in schools, hotels, nursing homes and restaurants. Safe and easy to use. Won't stain carpets or upholstery.
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LIQUID ALIVE Odor Digester, 1 gal Bottle, 4/Carton


OdoBan® BioOdor Digester

A special blend of nonpathogenic, active, bacterial cultures that works to control foul malodors. Fights odors caused by organic waste such as decaying food, garbage, fecal matter and urine. Ready-to-use formula penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices to consume organic waste found in hard-to-reach areas. Removes organic waste odors on carpet and water-safe colorfast fabrics such as clothing, drapery, and upholstery. Great for use in dumpsters, trash areas, garbage cans and trash bins.
From $75.61