Toilet Brushes

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Boardwalk® Deluxe Bowl Mop

Deluxe bowl mop has an easy-to-use angled head and 10" handle that improves access to hard to reach areas. Great for scrubbing with reliable performance. The fuller head provides greater absorbency to clean tough stains without making a mess. White plastic handle is easy to grip and wipe clean.
From $38.40

Boardwalk® Tampico Bowl Brush

This bowl brush is constructed of Tampico twisted in wire and shaped to clean interior bowl surfaces. A thoughtfully designed, curved brush enables more contact with the bowl surface, providing a more thorough around the toilet bowl rim and inside the bowl. Built with a contoured plastic handle that’s comfortable to use and easily wipes clean. Handle includes a lanyard or hang-up hole. Brush face 5" x 4.5".
From $9.65

Clorox® ToiletWand® Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Each disposable head is preloaded with Clorox cleaner with 4x the powerful scrubbing action to clean tough stains, kill germs, remove rust, calcium and limescale while it disinfects and deodorizes with ease. This all in one system is designed so that you get a brand new cleaning sponge every time you clean without having to touch a yucky brush. Ideal for use in day care centers, offices, schools, restaurants and other commercial facilities.
From $16.16

Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush Holder, White

$5.49 $4.55

Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush, 17" Handle, Brown

$12.76 $10.40

Deluxe Bowl Mop, 10" Handle, 2" Mop Head, White, 25/Carton

$39.39 $38.40

Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush Complete: Wand, Brush Holder and Two Heads, Gray

$38.40 $37.27

Rubbermaid® Commercial Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush

Ideal for commercial, medical, and industrial applications.
From $5.03

Rubbermaid® Commercial Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush Holder

5" diameter holder conceals brush. White plastic.
From $4.55

Scotch-Brite® Toilet Scrubber Starter Kit

Fits under the rim. Just store the handle, not the mess. All-in-one cleaning that leaves a fresh, clean scent. Non-scratch cleaning.
From $16.17

Tampico Toilet Bowl Brush


Toilet Bowl Brush, 10" Handle, White

$5.31 $5.03